First Water

Does anyone know where, how, or if our team could purchase first water? I’m talking about the bottles that were handed out at nats., with the first logo and story on them. We are thinking about using it as a fundraiser.


I know in my area, they are not yet into ‘mass production’, meaning that you can’t find them in stores yet.

The Mt. Shasta place is near here in Miami. Someone from 168 went there to see if they could get them and they couldnt sell them yet. They are aving some lisenceing issues or somthing like that.

this is about the third or four time this has come up i am in contact with some people at national bev. corp they say they will keep me aninformed and so when i here something i will pass it along to the general first public through cd

I don’t know where or how they got it, but we had it at the annual banquet held by our parent group. Maybe they smuggled it back from Florida, I don’t know, but they got it. I’ll ask.

they either begged a whole :frowning: lot or smuggled a whole lot:D cause it aint for sale anywhere as far as they have told me at national beverage One of the People said
“Thank you for the interest in the Mt. Shasta/FIRST Water launch. We
are putting together the details of the program now, so I will keep you
in the loop. The label you saw at the EPCOT event is in distribution
through our Food Service division, so its difficult to tell a consumer
where to look for it.”
so who knows when or where it will appear on our shelves at the local grocery store

The only bottle I’ve seen since nationals is the one sitting on my bookshelf collecting dust. I grabbed about a dozen bottles but I think most people took them or I lost them in the park or whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

We smuggled a whole lot back…and now I have about 5 or 6 bottles around my house. :smiley: Can’t wait 'til they sell it commercially though!

Just drove from Northern Virginia upto Syracuse, NY.
Didn’t see it anywhere. Only had to stop one each way tho. Silly van with 27 gallon gas tank…


Tag, Jim is it.

…why didn’t i think about taking a bottle or two, hehe, thats not very much like me to not take free things


i do know this as soon as it goes on the market im going to buy a couple of bottles.

why bother buying a couple of bottles when you could by a case and sell it to all your FIRST buddies or if you have a soda machine like rage you could sell it in that