FIRST Webcast Unit video issues

So my questions is, has anyone successfully had an official video corrected on the FRC YouTube page created by the “FIRST Webcast Unit” hardware in use at regional events?

While in general I have enjoyed the quickness of match video uploads and quality of the videos being produced by the FIRST webcast hardware at events this year, there have also been a number of errors in these uploads that are hard to ignore. Some examples below from just a quick browse across multiple events: (Only 13s long) (Only 15s long) (Only 12s long) (Only 11s long) (Clips final 20s and score) (Only 13s long) (Blocked Content) (Cuts out after ~1 minute) (Only 13s long)

I’ve done some research and cant find anyone to reach out to or even ask about how we can help correct the official videos, the email listed on the FIRSTRoboticsCompteition YouTube page ( yields an un-deliverable return, and finding any reference to “FIRST Webcast Unit” in is surprisingly difficult. The video recordings still exist on Twitch so they are not lost, but these videos are the ones people will be using when scouting future events, as well as looking back on team performances in the future/showing friends and sponsors, so it would be nice to have a method of getting them corrected.

Hi @jetweb3000,

FIRST Webcast Unit match splitting is something that I take care of. I have a list of matches that were programmatically incorrectly done (it’s a small percentage, but still not a non-zero number of matches). For example, I’ve worked on fixing the delay error from 10,000 Lakes that was noted in a different thread. I typically get to doing these within a day or so after the event, but as we get closer to the FIRST Championship, my time is pulled in more directions. Rest assured, I’ll be getting to fixing as many matches as possible in the coming days.

As always, you can send an email to [email protected] .

Hope that’s helpful,


Thanks for the reply, I appreciate the task it must be to track down and fix all the little issues and its good to know they will be fixed once time allows. Much appreciated!

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