FIRST Website Event Selection Colors?

Does anyone know what the colors on the left-hand side of the events mean? Events in the same district on the same weekend have different colors, and all the events are waitlist status, so it almost appears to be completely random. There is no key that I can find.
Is it pertaining to waitlist length? Any actual knowledge would be extremely helpful.

Where are you seeing this? This hasnt been a layout ive seen before…

This is what the FIRST Inspires website looks like on my Chrome browser when I go to register for additional events. More pics for diagnostic purposes:

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When they’ve done something like this before, it’s been linked to waitlist length and odds of getting in. Red is “too many teams”.

It might be referring to which of the district’s fields will be sent to that event

That was my first thought, but what the heck is blue??

So the color issue is curious and may indeed indicate a status of how full the event actually is. However I also noticed the list is not complete. Looking at CHS events only 3 of 7 (DCMP not included) show up, I see few NC district competitions as well.

The two your team is already registered for, and the two that are on those same weekends, are probably the ones missing.

When I look at event selection for regionals, blue is shown for events which still have open slots. Looking at waitlisted events with blue, I think it’s reasonable to expect those have short waitlists based on round one and round two registration counts.

I’d guess the code goes blue, green, yellow, red from least to most oversubscribed.

Wish this was shown a couple of weeks ago. We were told (from official) that the Los Angeles Regional was so impacted that the odds of getting off the waitlist were small, and that we could move to the Del Mar or San Diego waitlist for a better chance (never a guarantee, but as close as could be offered). Being able to see LA as red and SD or DM as blue/green would have been nice at the time.

Thanks Jon. So obvious now that you say it, and I see it. Was only looking at it from OP eye’s not my own.

The frustrating part about this is if you are already waitlisted for an event you can’t check the color status. And you can’t check the color status of any other regional happening on the same dates as your waitlisted regional. Anyone able to check the color status for the Minnesota North Star Regional and the Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional? I want to make sure I’m not waitlisting the wrong one.

PM sent with some contact info you can reach out to about those two events.

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Why can’t there just be a number publicly available, like on this page, that says how many teams are on the waitlist for an event?

The color codes were initially introduced in 2015 via this blog. It describes the formula used to color-code the waitlists… although now the colors seem to be different, so it’s not clear if that formula is still applicable. Anyways, that thread and the one linked from it in the second post are good reading for background on this issue.

As for why they don’t just give a number… I could see people taking it badly in some situations. If you “know” you’re 5th on the waitlist and there are still 10 open spots, but you end up not getting in… I could easily see someone digging through the registration lists and making a post here asking why such-and-such a team was able to skip them to get into the event, making a big ugly situation for everyone involved. Giving teams a general impression without hard data avoids that sort of situation in most cases.

Side note: that blog post is no longer available on FIRST’s website - there’s one from 9/21/15 (at the top of the last page) , with the next one on 9/30/15 (at the bottom of the next to last page), skipping the 9/24/15 post… That seems strange. Came up on CD as the first thread when I searched for it, though!


I guess that proves that nothing is ever truly gone on the internet

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