FIRST Website

Why can i not access the first website i have been tring to access it all day and it won’t load up. can someone help.

as far as i know the website is fine, make sure you type it as and not just

yah when I type just it never comes up which really makes life annoying.

In MSIE if you type just yahoo and then hit control and enter simultaneously it will put the www. and .com for you. I don’t know how to do it for .org or any other extension though.

i didn’t know there was a hot key to enter the www. part in a .com site. cool i learn something new everyday

Yeah, is b0rked. Actually, they did it correctly. (IIRC, there is supposed to be a subdomain (www) on the beginning of domain names) And actually, the real FIRST site is (At least that’s what they have entered in their nameserver):

evulish@g0d:~$ host CNAME A

the Ctrl enter thing only works for .com sites not for .org