FIRST Website

I like it, to me it is intuitive, and things are relatively easy to find.

Kudos to FIRST!

I can not give feed back because I can not access the site. Is anyone else having trouble getting the website to work? I have two different computers at home so I do not think it is the computers.

As of right now I can get to

I also cant access the FIRST web site since late last night I just get a message that there is an error loading the page, maybe they are updating info , or even taking the ideas from this thread to change things.

Works just fine for me.

If you cant get the home page to load maybe they had to update the DNS and its still getting circulated.

I was just thinking… A lot of people are complaining about how they don’t like the new layout of the FIRST website, so here is my question, based on last year’s scoring criteria for the web award. How would you grade

The grading criteria is here page 30-32.

I don’t like the new website. I thought I would get used to it: no dice.

I say it gets a 70-75, based on that scale.

using the criteria from last years manual, I could see the site getting an 85/100.
I looked at that information and that is what I felt. Anyone want to agree?

I’d give it a 50.

At first I thought it was great but it is very laggy and has been very slow recently atleast for me and I have a Cable Modem.


I agree. This site is for those with check books, free time to mentor or help with regionals, or the press.

I want a unified site for FRC, FVC, and FLL that cuts through all the PR BS and stuff (seriously, a video for us on Gracious Professionalism?) that’s not aimed at us and a more direct, stripped down site for accessing information, stats, and other things.

The new site is meant for new people.
That being said I’m not a big fan of the new layout. It seems like there are too many menus to go through to get to what you want. I do like how it is easy to access the mass email archives. I also have a hard time finding some more technical things while it is easier to find documents that might be nice to if you are interested in forming a team.

Just some quick links to past regional events, since people seem to regret the sudden demise of many of the history pages. Hopefully, this will help teams scouting other teams through their past records. Although you shouldn’t click any of the links in the history pages, as most are broken.

The rankings of the Qualifying Matches for Silicon Valley Regional in the FRC in 2006.

If you want to view the ranking from previous years or other regionals then change the bolded:[b]2006comp/Events/SJ/rankings.html

You just need to know the code for the different regionals. Some include for the 2006 Regionals:
AZ: Arizona Regional
SAC: Davis Sacramento Regional
CA: Southern California Regional
SC: Palmetto Regional
SJ: Silicon Valley Regional
CO: Colorado Regional
CT: UTC New England Regional
FL: Florida Regional
GA: Peachtree Regional
IL: Midwest Regional
…and so on.

To help find the area code for the regionals I used the very useful regional index,
and moused over the name of my regional revealing the area code.

For example when I clicked the Arizona Regional, it redirected me to,[b]AZ
which reveals the area code. However some regionals did not carry over their previous year’s code and will not work…

Another useful page is the Awards Page.
Below are the teams and/or people who won awards during the Silicon Valley Regional in the FRC in 2006.

Just follow the steps stated above to find the different regionals and years by changing the bolded.[b]2006comp/Events/SJ/awards.html

And similarly, the Elimination Matches Page.[b]2006comp/Events/SJ/matches.html
Once again, use the steps above to find different regionals and years…

If any of this was stated previously, I apologize for not searching through this thread more thoroughly, if not, enjoy! :slight_smile:

You can find almost all of the content (including game manuals, rankings, match results, etc.) from the old FIRST website here in the Internet Archive:

I believe that the manual PDFs are copyrighted, so we can’t host them on our own servers, but I am seriously considering re-indexing what they have. (also might ask permission to mirror the PDFs, not sure if they will grant it)

I mean, if we don’t like what they are doing with the site (which I don’t–the old design was hard to navigate, the new design is horrible) we can do something about it.

I do wish the menus weren’t javascript. Blech.

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still down

5 pm eastern time

Site is up as of 6:18pm eastern time.