FIRST Weddings

Do we have a thread (like Birthdays) for FIRST weddings?
In the past 2 weeks, there have been 2 weddings involving FIRSTers and one engagement from alumni on Team007 (Team 7).

Dont think Ive seen one on CD. My daughter was married last weekend (sept 30). Her last year on a team was 1999.

I think the average age for weddings these days is ~ 23 or 24, which is well past most students and college mentors.

Ok, here we go…
Congrats to Matt Leese and Angela. Matt started on Team 7 and has a long history of mentoring and as an event volunteer.

Congrats to James Gurganus and Jamie Medoff who got married on Oct. 7. James was on Team 7 and has been a longtime mentor. Jamie is our tournament director for FLL in Maryland.

Congrats to Steve Shade and Anne Bergeron who are now engaged. Both started on high school teams, served as mentors and in key roles as event volunteers and on planning committees. They are an enormous help to the FIRST efforts here in Maryland.

Congrats Ken! and congrats to all. Steve and Anne, it’s about time.

So I don’t forgot to post on Monday…
Best Wishes and a lifetime of happiness to Anne Bergeron and Steve Shade who are getting married on December 10. The ceremony is taking place where they met…
…years ago :slight_smile:
…during the FIRST Championship:)
…at EPCOT!:slight_smile:

That’s incredibly romantic! Congrats to Anne and Steve!

Just a thought, why not make this a wedding/anniversary thread. There are many married parents and mentors on CD. If not someone could always start another thread for anniversaries.

Also Congrats to all who were mention above.

Steve and Anne, may you have as happy and long a married life as Dottie and I. And speaking for Dottie, you couldn’t have picked a better place for the ceremony.

Steve and Anne, you two made Mayhem @ the Museum 2005 possible. I am very happy for you guys. May you live a long married happy life. =)

I’m also a Disney Bride and I read on one of those forums a planning journal about this couple that met during robotics. It took me a while to place who it was and boy did it make me happy to know that it was another FIRSTer. Their honeymoon is Disney too …the same cruise I’m going on with my girlfriends Saturday. I sense a CD meet going on.

Congrats Steve & Anne. Can’t wait to see the pictures :smiley:

Congratulations! Epcot…that’s pretty sweet. I wish you both the best and good luck with your new team.

Congratulations to all our FIRST marriages!!

And we can’t forget themarriage proposalearlier this summer at Battlecry @ WPI by New England’s very own Andy & Jessica who are going to be taking the wedding plunge soon as well!

I guess all the little “old school” FIRSTers are all grown up & making more life changing decisions.

They grow up so fast. :stuck_out_tongue:

And… speaking of Orlando, & Disney, & going back to where you met within FIRST to get married, /me wonders what the chances of a FIRST wedding in Houston would be from a couple who met there in 2003 during Nationals.

Statistically low as oposed to NH, FL, or ATL?

Only time will tell I guess. :cool:

These are some incredible stories! Now I have to ask… was it love at FIRST sight? :stuck_out_tongue:

7/10 on the pun, but I digress… I would certainly get married at the World Championships when I’m a volunteer/mentor.

This year at the Boilermaker Regional, Charlie Baxter (former student on 1741 and mentor for 1747) proposed to Betsy Smith (former student and now mentor on 1741). You can find a video up on YouTube.

Congratulations to NYC FIRST Robotics Volunteer of the Year (Con Ed team member) Andy Woo on his marriage to Jennifer Wu. See today’s New York Times :