FIRST Withdrawal Sets In

So now that the Championships are over (and I actually had to go to school today), I’ve found myself depressed that the past four months of our lives has gone by so quickly! Last year, I made a USB OTG cable by myself just to make something again, but I don’t know what to do this year! It seems a little too small of an idea!
What do you guys do when FIRST Withdrawal sets in?

Get ready for off-season events! We’re less then 20 days away from the first of 5 off-season events New England will see over the course of May and June.

Otherwise, I try to actually take a little time off from FIRST, even when the withdrawals set in. It’s an addiction, but it’s important to take care of yourself, see the family, do some other things etc.

Off season plans:

  • Mentor Training for our incoming freshman on 125
  • Student Training for incoming students
  • A handful of visuals to help teams
  • Drivetrain prototype(s)
  • Some off seasons
  • Finish my quadcopter
  • Get more than 3 hours of sleep
  • Tune my 3d Printer
  • Experiment with 3d printed timing belts

just make this

Well of course!

It might be even worse for me; I’m on the strategy team. I have literally nothing to do and it’s making me sad. I’ve already basically memorized the top 500 OPRs and CCWMs (Max, Average, and Last), and I’m now scrambling to come up with another statistic I could create to give myself anything to do.

Oh man, that one hit me hard. I’m excited because robots, but worried because I’m volunteering at two of those five and I don’t even live in New England anymore…

But I’ll make it happen and it’ll be so worth it.

I wonder how many of those 125 will decide to show up to… Because we need MORE matches on our machine right?

What are some of the off-season events in New England? I know W.P.I Battle cry is one. Any teams in the New England area looking for something to do can check out the Day of robots that team #4909 is hosting at Billerica Memorial High School on May 31st.

Day of robots thread:

Well, all but 3 of our current members are graduating, so we’ve been recruiting since our regional. Other than that:

  1. Teach the newbies programming
  2. Teach the newbies about the eletrical systems
  3. Find a veteran member to teach the newbies shop safety
  4. Build a test machine
  5. Fundraise
  6. Practice CAD
  7. Practice programming
  8. Build my 3D Printer
  9. Start applying for colleges
  10. Et Cetera…

May 17 - CT State Championships - Killingworth, CT (Open to CT Teams Only)
May 24-25 - Battle Cry @ WPI - Worcester, MA
May 31 - Mayhem in Merrimack - Merrimack, NH
June 14 - Where’s Wolcott - Wolcott, CT
June 28 - Beantown Blitz - Boston, MA

My Off Season doesn’t begin til November.

My team has summer and fall projects built up, including:

-Summer CAD sessions for swerve and WC drivetrains
-Lego camps for youngsters
-Custom 3-CIM shifting gearboxes
-Pre-season freshmen CAD classes
-Build a demo bot with summer CAD drive trains to shoot Rebound Rumble basketballs

Personal projects:
-CNC certification
-Design and build a custom 3D printer

I won’t miss the robots but I will totally miss my graduating seniors.

I’ve promised myself I won’t mentor for at least two years, so the withdrawal is real. :frowning:

I’ll be taking a physics class in the summer (only now do I realize how nerdy that sounds), and I plan on volunteering at FIRST events throughout the school year. My spring break is during week 6, so mom and I plan on traveling to volunteer at an FRC event then, considering there typically aren’t MN regionals during week 6.

What I really need to stop doing is pressing the refresh button on the Spyder app. I’ve worked in scouting my three years on the team, and it’ll be strange not geeking out over ridiculous CCWMs with my mom on a weekly basis.

Ironic spotlight at the top of my page:

"FIRST is a big family and we‘ll get through this together. - Gary Dillard "

It is particularly hard for me because I devote so much of my time to robotics. It has become my favorite thing to do because there is so much opportunity and fun that comes with it.

You work so hard for 6 weeks and with it comes so much reward. Going to worlds was probably one of the best experiences of my life. I can’t help but think about all of the great experiences I’ve had over the last few months. It is a hard pill to swallow.

But, at Fusion 364, we are going to:

  • Try to become a beta test team
  • Teach incoming freshmen and other members electrical, mechanical, and programming
  • Find new sponsors and fund raise, we are quite low on funds
  • Give back to the community and spread the mission of FIRST
  • Prototype new systems for years to come (Swerve is pretty awesome)
  • Attend at least one off season event (Red stick rumble!)

I can’t wait to get started again. FIRST truly is a great program.


And don’t forget River Rage(Manchester NH) and Mainely Spirit(Oakland ME) in the Fall! We love offseasons in New England.

Well, I’ll be distracted until AP exams are over, then it’s MSHSL, then it’s graduation, then it’s grad parties, then there’s IRI, then there’s the State Fair…

In all seriousness, I’m putting together a CAD tutorial book for Creo. More than enough tech stuff for me. After that, might expand it in a variety of ways, but I’ll finish up the basics first (okay, I probably shouldn’t have mentioned this because now it will be impossible to finish).