FIRST Workbench Updates Wont Work

Hello all,

For the last several days, I have been struggling to successfully install the 2013 C++ updates to my laptop. I successfully manage to install both Workbench discs, but the update for all the FIRST components never works. No menu bar, WPILib templates, or other components with the update. I looked at my subdirectory C:\WindRiver\workbench-3.3\wrwb\wrworkbench\eclipse\plugins and noticed a lack of the file edu.wpi.FIRSTDownloader_1.0.0.jar that should have come with the update. However, once I manually copied the file from a teammate’s computer, my FIRST menu bar appeared. Moreover, when I ran the update again, the file in the plugins directory that I just mentioned disappeared. Would it just be easier to manually find and copy all the associated update files to their respective directories? Any tips on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.

You installed this right?;jsessionid=F636C4665A236BEE5B874E3B90C9F96D

I’m having exactly the same problem. The WPIlib libraries are present, in addition to the FRC project templates. I’ve installed the binary at the link. edu.wpi.FIRSTDownloader_1.0.0.jar is present where it’s supposed to be. I can build/download/run/debug projects to the cRIO just fine, but I can’t deploy them as startup.

Are you setting the FIRST Downloader Preferences? You have to set that preferences page (team number AND .out file location), then use the FIRST/Deploy menu item when you’re ready to deploy it. See the directions here: