FIRST - Your Einstein seating plan is mean-spirited

So FIRST handed out limited “VIP” wristbands for the far side stands in Einstein to teams that made it, thus separating teams that had worked hard to get there.
Meanwhile, HALF of these stands were empty!
VERY, VERY ungracious unprofessionalism, making teams sit in multiple locations, for NO good reason.
Fix it.

FIRST has done this every year. It’s only fair that the teams competing have better seating than those not.


Im lost on what the issue is. Are there not enough seating spots for einstein teams, or something else?

I think that teams who are on the Einstein field should be able to get better seating since they are competing. If you aren’t competing on Einstein why do you care about getting good seats?


It’s entirely possible that there will be more students and mentors from those teams, but they haven’t made it to their seats yet. Also, I would imagine they budget out seats (I believe it’s 40 per team) in this area, and they have to overshoot that number so they don’t run into further seating issues down the road. Since there are pretty much always teams on Einstein with less than 40 members, some seats will initially be empty. They could address the empty seats once all those team’s members have arrived, but trying to coordinate it before probably wouldn’t go well.

Please read the original post.
They limited the number of wristbands per team in Einstein, thus splitting teams in half.
I’m not questioning the wisdom of the VIP idea, I’m saying it’s execution was awful. Splitting teams that qualify for Einstein is just mean. Give each team enough wristbands so the whole team can sit together.


40 bands per team is correct.

That makes a lot more sense now. This I agree with. We were with Thunder Chickens last year and have upward of 100 kids.


Still confused honestly. Again, are you saying there isint enough seats for the eisntein teams, or something else?

Not enough wristbands for the whole team.

He is saying not enough bands for einstein team.

Ie 100 person team with only 40 bands

For my team we don’t have near 40 members so that works out for us but for bigger teams I guess that would be an issue.


NRG has something like 150 kids, so honestly something like that doesnt supurise me. All the teams deserve to have some there.

This makes a lot more sense. I think they just want to make sure all Einstein teams get some seating, since some of them can be very large, but this would definitely be frustrating for teams with 40+ students.


They didn’t hand out enough wristbands to each team, thus forcing many teams to pick and choose which members would get them.
A really awful way to treat your Einstein teams, when there are PLENTY OF SEATS!

I guess its hard for FIRST to figure out how many members there are to each team plus the mentors and coaches. I agree that they should not split up teams as it is a fun experience and the whole team should be experiencing it together. As a mentor I would be uspet if they did that with my team as well.

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I think that if you have over 40 members in a team you can sit on the sides and kindly ask whoever is in the seats nearby if they would move so your team can sit together.

I have confidence that your team will be able to sit together as a group.

That sounds like a good idea as I am sure teams/spectators will be fine with that as long as you ask nicely.

EVIDENTLY, First has done the right thing and opened up the seating to all Einstein team members, mentors and parents.
Thank you for again doing the right thing FIRST.


Glad that it all worked out.