I’m the FIRST to post on new forums other than Brandon. I WIN!!!

I’m second!

I’m third!

hey look … a thread to test out the reputation system.


yep – works.


THIRD! Ok, that was a lame post. Time to play with the thread views!

Uh-oh, they show the amount of posts we have…

Is this because I asked about the colors? :frowning:

Wheeee… figured I’d join in in the goodness of the new forums.

Post count won’t get you new features or anything. You should post to get good reputation now. You can’t cheat the reputation system like you could the post counts, so showing post counts shouldn’t be an issue. We can restrict those with low/negative reputation to 2 posts a day or something if it becomes an issue :slight_smile: [j/k]

I was the 3rd person to get a sneak peak :stuck_out_tongue:

I just want to say thanks Brandon. Also, I want to say that my first negative comment has come in! Another first! Anyway, I really like vB3…

Wow, after clicking around for a good 10 min. I finally figured out how to navigat a bit… I feel really, really old… and just being thrown on the internet for the first time. Looks like it will all be great…

…/me waiting for my heart to stop pounding, after I was ecstatic to find CD back up! What a horrificly boring T-Day Break.

looks great… chiefdelphi is up again… i kinda missed this site for the past few days… this is my place when i have nothing to do… thanks… :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome job … i am liking it … and i missed it so much … kept checking like 10 times a day (at least) to see if it was back up yet … and i got really excited when i saw that it was working again!!

It is crazy… but kinda cool.

Well, uh…

reekinglethargic: why purple?
reekinglethargic: whoa. ignore that. reading the thread.
pubarso: :slight_smile:
pubarso: you’re #15 to ask that

so nah!

note brandon’s new custom user title :wink:

Crazy new forums!.. okay now I’m going to bed, good night and thank you for upgrading