How has FIRST impacted your community and more specifically, you?
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As an idea for what I’m looking for - FIRST has impacted the lives of most of Truck Town by giving us a team. Most of us were outcasts :o in our schools and couldn’t afford many programs in which we were interested in. A lot of our schools had outstanding entrance fees that we couldn’t afford.:frowning: Finally - we found T3. :smiley: WOOHOO!!! Truck Town brought us into the world of FIRST and teaches us the basic functions of living - academically and in real life scenerios. Team (family) values brought us out of our shells. It’s given us a sense of belonging and it proves to us NERDS WILL RULE THE UNIVERSE! :ahh: (we are basing this off the extreme powers of our programmer and his minion):eek:

I think your post rings true for members of many teams. People who make up robotics teams are often those who ask why, what if, and what happens if I do this. They are curious, inquisitive, and like to build. Many learn that building involves more than a robot, it involves building character within the individual and within the team. A FIRST robotics team can give a sense of community, of strength, and of family with values and integrity - solving the hard problems. Teams deal with making decisions, balancing the pros and cons of those decisions, realizing 1/16 of inch means 1/16 of an inch. No more no less.

In much of our outreach, our team reaches out to children who are on the fringes of this society. Children who are curious, inquisitive, and ask why but may not have the opportunity to learn about engineering, robots, and team building in their schools or situations.

Development can start within the team and work outward, spreading into the community. That’s the beauty of a FIRST robotics team.

Another good thread - and well spoken, Lindsey.

My name is Andrew, I started FTC team number 168, mini robotics. im in grade 8 and this was my rookie year for FTC. FIRST has taught me sooooo much about robotics and gave me a great time at the competition, i cant think of anything bad about FIRST

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