FIRSTbase Re-launch date

Does anyone know of a more precise date for this than “early November?”

Also, the new site is going to be at the same web address right?

I only ask because Autodesk’s announcement is so vague and I lost the E-mail about it.

heres the autodesk part of the e-mail:
**Autodesk FIRSTbase Coming Soon for FTC Teams

Last year Autodesk launched a website dedicated to FRC teams called
FIRSTbase. This year, we are pleased to announce that we are expanding
the FIRSTbase site to include FTC teams. Here are some of the items you
can expect to find on FIRSTbase:

· Autodesk Inventor 2008 software ( 3 licenses)

· Online training materials designed especially for you

· The Autodesk Kit of Parts

· Technical support access

· Team sharing functionality including photos and communications

Here’s what you can expect:

· The current site is for the 2007 FIRST season for FRC teams only. FTC
teams will not be able to access the current site.

· When the FIRSTbase site is launched for FTC teams, the main contact
that is listed in the FIRST TIMS database will receive an email
communication with instructions on how to register and activate the team.

· The Autodesk FIRSTbase site is expected to launch in early November 2007.

We hope all teams will take advantage of these great benefits offered by

i would have though that ‘early’ november would have ended a few days ago:confused:

Thanks for posting the E-Mail.

Now you see what I’m saying here right? Early November is way too vague :confused:

I did notice one important piece of info: Each team gets 3 licenses.
Out Inventor group consists of four people, go figure!

Well I appreciate your help basicxman, got my fingers crossed on that re-launch. Best of luck to your team.

The 3 licenses applies to FTC teams. According to the blast sent to FRC teams, there will be 10 licenses available.

Oh that’s excellent! Thank you for the info

The 2008 Autodesk Firstbase site is up.

so far only for FRC teams though, i would have that that the 21st of november is even past ‘mid-november’ its definitly not early november anymore

i was excited about this but now with my competition so close theres no point of my team needing this (although i still would love to have inventor)

Has anyone besides me had a problem installing Inventor because your computer does not allow install of a “.msi” file?

Not too likely, I would think. MSI is the Windows Installer file format, and the functionality to install programs from it is built into every version of Windows since 2000. The majority of software these days uses it for installation. Are you perhaps logged in with an account that doesn’t have install privileges?

I have had trouble installing the latest version on my laptop, I have a dell Latitude D620, Windows XP, 1.83GHz, 1GB of RAM,with 7GB of free space. The error message that I get is “The handle is invalid. Failed to copy the following *.mainfest eula”. I have sent an email to Autodesk but have not heard back from them. I have, according the autodesk website used up my alloted download, so hopefully this can be resolve. I have not tried to install on a different PC yet.

has anyone seen this before, and if so any resolution…Thanks in advance.

With the help of our IT department, we determined that my brand new HP laptop is not compatible with this .msi installer version. They managed to find the right version from some website (they did not tell me where) and that allowed it to work.

Although it’s late in the season for some FTC teams to make use of it, FIRSTbase for FTC teams is now open on the site.

Hi! Has anyone been able to make the Beginning tutorial of Autodesk Inventor to work? It just doesn’t work for me!