FIRSTbase registration

Hello guys,

I have a problem to finish FIRSTbase registration, the last step is to put your team number and team password, i put 1156 and the TIMS password and it accused to be the wrong password, if it’s not TIMS password, which one is then?


When the site first came out our TIMS password worked for us, however the database had lots of other issues. It could just be a databse issue. Try shooting an email to whoever does support for the site, im not sure who that is.

is the the master account, used to send out the invites or one of the accounts being invited in? If you’re being invited in, I’m pretty sure you were given a password when invited.

Your “Main Contact” set up this password for your team.

Contact that person…

ok thank you guys, we got it now :]

I decided to use the same thread because the subject is similar:

Once I downloaded inventor, I have to use this installer just for 1 computer and download it all again to install in the next computer or I can copy in a DVD and share with the other computers?
I understand that I can download it 10 times and by doing that I will skip a download, but I thought that what really matters is how many I can authorize with our cd key.

I downloaded from the Student Community, so I haven’t seen how it works on FIRSTbase. If it works the same way, then I can answer the question.

When I downloaded it, I had the option to use a downloader program, or download 7 .zip files that totaled about 2GB. It told me to combine the folders the zips contained and run an .exe inside the main folder. At some point it asked me for a serial number.

Is that the same for FIRSTbase? If it is, you should be able to download once and copy with a DVD.

I read that each team is only given 10 copies of Inventor (in the FAQs). Those 10 copies have to cover the entire team. I interpreted that to mean that they allow you to download inventor 10 times, and each time they will give you a new cd key. As far as I know you can only use a cd key once. Since it sends the authorization though the Autodesk database (I think).

for some reason my teams only allowed to download 3ds max. Any clues?

I had the same problem only I could not download anything. I think in the contact person configuration page somewhere there is a place to check something to make it possible to download each of them.
Here is a problem, it took forever to download the 2 gb autodesk file. When I tried to install it, the program crashed with an error message. After finding the downloaded file, I tried to extract the download and a message said it was corrupted. Fortunately,I am downloading it again. This can take forever especially on our school network which is almost as slow as dial-up.
You would think a company such as Autodesk would have figured out how to put the programs on a dvd and you would just have to validate it. Intellitec that makes EasyC does it that way.