Some of the other FIRSTERs here at MSOE and I were discussing this the other day. The thread I saw about FIRST items on Ebay reminded me to post this idea.

What if there was a section here on called “FIRSTbay” where anyone in FIRST could sell anything? Primarily we were thinking that FIRST teams could sell off old motors, t-shirts, or even old robots if they were desperate for money. I realize that a lot of teams are willing to just give most of these items (well, not their robots) to other teams in need, but perhaps motors and other items of that nature could be sold for like $5 or something.

I suppose it could be broken up into a couple of sections - one for teams and one for individuals. The teams could post what they have there (I suppose they could post things with prices of $0…just a way to let other teams know what they have) as mentioned above. Individuals wouldn’t necessarily need to be restricted to FIRST items to sell and/or auction, but there would have to be some limits as to what they’d need to sell. As a college student, it could be a good way to find college books cheap.

These are just some ideas and there would definitely have to be some rules in place concerning what could or could not be offered. The transaction process would also, most likely, have to be left up to the two parties involved in a sale…i.e. Chiefdelphi would not be responsible whatsoever for shipping and payment arrangements.

Reply or PM me if you want to discuss this further.


Kinda like that?

Yup, that would be almost exactly what I’m talking about. I didn’t do a very thorough search…sorry about the double post =)