FIRSTbot - A.I. Q & A system

I’ve begun setting up an AI to respond to peoples questions about first rules, I am adding in all of the Q & A questions and all of the rules, currently it is a sort of search engine that I am working on…
Please send comments about what I should do.

Having the AI automatically spider the Q&A and updating the database would be both cool and useful. Also, make sure to remove Q&As that just reference another Q&A to help keep down the number of threads that you need to search.

This idea sounds useful, keep up the good work and post a link when you’re done.

yes, ive been working on instead of referenceing them I am adding the reference to the response…

I have updated it, and renamed it to FIRSTsearch.
It now just searches through the rules and Q & A, you can just enter a Q&A# or a rule name, and it will find what your looking for. Or if your looking for something you don’t know the name of , you just enter some key words and it will search through the data for it.
It has helped me in finding things in the rules quickly that I am unsure of, and I would like for it to help you too…

Here it is: and

Update for FIRSTsearch:

  • I have added in Team Updates from FIRST
  • I have made it so that you can click on Q&A ID numbers that will link to the Q&A question.
  • My team webmaster has added a proxy through my site, so now you can go to my team site as well as mine to get all the rules.
  • I have made it so that you can click the rule numbers that link to the rules.
    Hope you enjoy the new features of this great and powerful rule gadget, I know I have had fun with it.
    BTW the sites that it is currently on are: (primary), (forwards to, (proxies my site, so you can look through my team site to look at the rules).