FIRSTcast championship preview 4/20/2011

Hey all,
FIRSTcast has been quiet this year but we can’t miss the opportunity to give our pre-championship analysis. Tune in tomorrow at 8PM EST to listen to the live show, and as always it will push to itunes and be posted on the web afterwards.

Guests include

Andy Baker
Jon Jack
And possibly a few others…

See you tomorrow,


Of course this is during the Capitals game tomorrow night. I’ll just have to listen to it afterwards.

To add to the list of confirmed guests. Jim Zondag of team 33. See you in about 2 hours.

Any specific topics of discussion?

Seconded, but with the list of guests so far, I think I’d be glad to listen to them talk about the weather…

General season wrap up
game impressions and how it has evolved
Game strategy and play expectations for the championship
division analysis and predictions
championship general stuff

Plus probably some random banter about just about anything…(If you have ever heard a FIRSTcast before you understand this one)


Awesome! I’ve really missed FIRSTCast this season.

This should be a great show. Jim, Andy, Greg and I were all in Florida last week and had some amazing discussions. If we can capture just half the excitement from those conversations on this podcast, you’re all in for a treat!

We are live now…come and join the fun.


Thanks for heading this up! This is a great conversation to have. I missed hearing your voice and thoughts about games around the Rochester camp.


I’m having problems getting the stream up?

Any tricks for it?


Curses, EST! Aww well, missed it… I’ll just have to go to bed early tonight and fall asleep listening to the crew. Can’t think of a better way to end the day.

Thanks guys!

P.S. I hope to meet Karthik some day. Not only is he affiliated with an amazing team, he’s an amazing person with a lot to say.

You can download the unedited version of it here. I hope to edit it but for now this is the same as being there…

Great job to Greg, Andy, Andy, Jim, Jon, Karthik and I know I’m missing somebody. Really enjoyed the various tangents you guys went off on. Did a lot of screaming at my phone ;>

IS the Michigan ratings spreadsheet Karthik mentioned posted somewhere?

I too would like to see this

I can’t remember…was he talking this one…

Karthik was talking about how their team took all of the events and applied the Michigan District Model to them. The results said that 46% of the teams going to CMP would not be attending if FIRST used the Michigan District Points System.


This carried a lot of interesting discussion that wasn’t relevant to the championship–I liked it.

I think the year-to-year sustainability v. growth argument is a great one for teams to put forth. I like the quote “You can give a team a million dollars and they can still put a box on the field; it takes dedicated students, mentors, and parents.”

This is a discussion that needs to be had. I could have sworn I heard Karthik say he is giving a seminar on it. If that seminar does exist, would it get put up on Chief Delphi for those like me who can’t be in St. Louis for it?