FIRSTcast Episode 2.11 Released

FIRSTcast Season Two Episode Eleven

Adam Richards, Joe Matt, Jeff Rodriguez, and Ross Silverstein join us for our pre-Championship FIRSTcast episode! We look at the last regionals, Toronto coverage, Ross looks at the West Coast, we predict the Championship, Jeff and Joe look back at their favorite moments, and we talk about a possible FIRSTcast Live. Music for this episode from Count Zero.


You’ve wanted to yell at us for being bone heads. You wanted to provide cool, quick regional coverage. You wanted to share your favorite, personal stories about your team. You wanted to say hi to friends or wish a happy birthday. But how? Now with Odeo you can. Listen to the podcast to hear what we want from this, but treat Odeo as your way to interact with us and get on the podcast. Make it like This American Life, tell us your stroies. To share, go to our Odeo Share Site, record, leave us a message, and have fun!

As always, if you have questions you want us to answer on the air, send them to [email protected]. We’ll do our best to answer as many as we can. Also, you can join the FIRSTcast Facebook Group, where you can post on ideas for topics, music suggestions, and other comments. Also make sure to stop by our website.

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Very cool! I just sent y’all an Odeo clip…really nice way to be more interactive.

Great coverage, ill have to keep some of the stuff in mind when talking to the strategy folks

Nice guest, and a solid performance!

Great episode, and finally someone from the wild wild west :stuck_out_tongue:

I sent an Odeo clip, because frankly, one person that really only knows about SoCal teams just isn’t enough. I mean come on, California has the most teams out of any state, so there has to be something going on over here :slight_smile:

I got it. We had 3 submissions, if we get more I’m going to do a short FIRSTcast before champs to give people something to listen to on the way down. :cool:

Our first epsidoe of FIRSTcast Interactive is up, with comments from Kyle Rice, Libby Kamen, Michael Corsetto, and Conor Ryan!

Go to our download page (linked in first post) to get it, or download it through iTunes!