[FIRSTcast] Episode 2.6 Released


FIRSTcast Season Two Episode Six

Adam, Jeff, and Joe (me!) are here to talk Rack ‘n’ Roll, our ideas, our thoughts, and our musings on this years game. We cover scoring, strategy, the spoilers, and auton mode. We also look at regionals, FF, and the updates. We also ask ourselves a very important question…

As always, if you have questions you want us to answer on the air, send them to [email protected]. We’ll do our best to answer as many as we can. Also, you can join the FIRSTcast Facebook Group, where you can post on ideas for topics, music suggestions, and other comments. Also make sure to stop by our website.

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Great job guys! Once again an awesome show, and thanks for having it up on iTunes so quickly!


Sweet, I’ll edit this post with my thoughts after I listen. Thanks for taking your important time during build season to keep producing episodes :).

Oh yeah, and it is FIRSTr’ed, so be sure to vote if you like it!

Jeez Tim…way to post with out listening to it first.

I tought it was a good episode, and it was pretty interesting all the little side comments, I guess that’s what keeps you guys interesting and able to keep my attention for 40 minutes.

Any word on going back to the live episodes?

After build season.

I believe the reason the rack moves around is for when a robot crashes into into it. Made so the rack can resist the impact more. That’s what our team coach says anyway.