FIRSTcast Episode 6 Released!

Hey everyone, FIRSTcast is back with Episode 6! We’re sorry about the delay, our editor had the flu and was unable to finish editing on time. Some of the information may be outdated as it was recorded 1/22/06.

This episode, Matt, Adam, and Joe discuss the season, with a little bonus at the end.

Download HERE!


Good job guys will so be listening tomorrow morning. If not I belive that Adam will hunt me down and make me =]. Since he sooo linked me here. Haha.

How about you work double time on getting the next one out? Kidding!!

I’m about to listen to it, so lets hope it’s good.

Of course it’s good, it’s FIRSTcast!

Sorry again for the delay, personal problems and sickness suck, along with starting a new semester kinda hits you hard. Sorry again, but but the snow will never stop.

Awesome! I can’t wait to hear it!

I clicked on the link and got episode 5 not 6, can’t acutally find 6

Pretty intresting episode! the first two-thirds of the episode is exactly what I envisioned when we got together over the summer to start this thing. Gets intresting towards the end though. I enjoyed the bonus, according to Joe its for all that staying up late we do.

Congrats guys, you got through an episode without mentioning Beatty

You’ll have to subscribe to the feed to be able to download Episode 6. iTunes hasn’t refreshed their servers yet.

Ok, just checking, very informative and something good to listen to during class!

Come on people, we need more feedback! Who liked the show? Why? Who didn’t? Why?

No feedback and we might not do it anymore, we’re doing it for you!

Seriously though, we want the show to be as good as possible, which means you have to tell us what you like!

Thought there was lots of interesting discussion.

I’m waiting for Heidi to take up the challenge :stuck_out_tongue: