FIRSTcast Episode 8 Released (3-12-06)

Live from the UTC regional it’s FIRSTcast! With Matt Krass and Jeff Rodriguez as hosts! Elgin Clock and Greg Marra! Other people! Jeff gets hit in the face with a pie! Special guest singer Seal (ok not really.)

Direct Download


The itunes for Episode 8 is not working!

Everything is working a-ok again!

I like the way I forgot to introduce myself for a while. :rolleyes:

I eagerly await to hear those interviews with the VIPs.

Amusing, as usual, guys.

If any of you are in Philly in a few weeks, be sure to say hi. I’ll be the one running around with a headset and a clipboard, looking like I know what I’m doing (or at least that’s what Rich Kressly tells me :wink: )

It’s already up. Check out the main site, CD, and the RSS feed.

This show was a ton of fun to do and I hope we get to do it again for Atlanta, it all depends on how things go. Greg, I figured someone like you would know how this works, you’ve done it before :wink:

Who hit my brother with a pie?? Really?? If you actually did, 2 points!!

It wasn’t pie it was Cake, and yes it did happen, while I was unable to witness the first caking the second one I attempted to aid in, but Jeff just didn’t want to, and it was Samm from 228. She is NERD 22 so the two points is kind of ironic.

I just listen to the show and it is so CRAZY! CRAZY!