FIRSTcast is back!

Hey everyone! It’s that time of year!
FIRSTcast Season Two!
Now, we’re not doing the same old boring things, no more downloading our episodes and listening to them. Well you still can, but you’re only cool if you hear it as we make it.

That’s right! Livecast!

FIRSTcast Recording sessions will now be broadcast live on the internet, with an interactive IRC chat with the hosts during the shows. We’ll ask for your questions and comments during various segments and use your input to make the show better.

So, Season two, episode one!
This Friday night at 8pm Eastern, all you needis a SHOUTcast capable audio player!

On the agenda:

2006 Wrapup
Greg Marra with a review of IRI
A special guest on the show with our new phone-interview system!
Live Q&A with the chat room audience
A very special announcement

So gear up folks, we’re back and we’re better than ever!

Will they be recorded, so that if we liked the boring “listen when we have time” format, we still can? I’m busy Fridays at 8pm, 9 out of 10 Fridays.


Ah yes. Reading is fun. I’ll try that next time.

I’ll be there. :cool:

I’d hope so…

Of course, I’ll be listening. Not like I’d have much of a choice. Adam wont have it any other way :rolleyes:

Actually, “there” is an amazingly relative term in this sense. I could be at my house, or Starbucks, or a friend’s house. Heck, I could even be on the episode from somewhere in Europe! The only hard part would be getting there.

Hmm… that gives me an idea… I wonder if someone here would be able to put us in contact with anyone on the ISS :rolleyes:

So I was wondering, as the hour draws nearer, do y’all know when you should have a link ready for the Livecast/chatroom?

Wow that is pretty spiffy. I need to find some way to listen in!

iTunes is a SHOUTcast capable media player :slight_smile: So is Winamp, there’s many others, too.

A few minutes before the show begins, we’ll put up the links to the SHOUTcast stream, as well as the information for the IRC channel. Meet us in the channel in time for the Q&A segment and your question can be answered on air!

Wow this is some pretty cool stuff with the interactivity and all, I’ll have to check it out.

FIRSTCast Live!

Attention everyone! The FIRSTCast site has been updated with information to the live episode! Check out for the IRC channel, SHOUTCast server, and an online IRC client!

Hey, it’s on now! Come on down and have a listen!

The stream is fine but has anyone connected to the IRC? I can’t get it.

Yep; there’s 11 of us there right now. If you can’t connect using the Java one try pointing a regular IRC client at and join #firstcast

The livecast is done, watch for the recorded version soon.

That was a great show everyone, thanks for listening!

I’ll miss this.

Episode is now on the FEED, along with a direct download . Told ya it was going to be quick. :stuck_out_tongue: