FIRSTcast LIVE! At the Web Hug

Hey everyone! It’s true, FIRSTcast will be performing live immediately after the web hug in that clearing. You’ll be able to meet your favorite hosts in person, get buttons, and be entertained beyond your wildest dreams!

We hope :slight_smile:
We’re having a few problems…like tables and power…if anybody has any suggestions we’d love to hear them!

We were able to pull it off at UTC thanks to help from friends in high places, we could definitely use a few more of those here!

If you want us there, we’ll do our best, but we like help!

The more popular host,

Matt, I do believe I’m the one whose girlfriend had a crush on me before we went out because I hosted… :rolleyes:

Picture count, enough said.

I think you guys should have a rematch next yr, but Krass…you need to come to Florida and make it an even chance, since you’re graduating :slight_smile:

So far it looks like Matt, Conor, Jeff, and I are going to be there. I’ll have buttons, and we’re looking for guests too! SHOW UP!

Oh, and to tied everyone over till the new episode comes out, I hear if you do a Google Video search for “Matt Krass” you’ll get something very funny. I don’t know, a birdy from NJ just told me about it…

Will the real popular FIRSTcast host please stand up?

I would like to be a guest! This is going to be kewl!

How much do I have to pay to be a guest. I would easily drop 100 billion dollers to be on FIRSTcast and get a button.

I’m going to Smack You ™. Hard.

To be a guest you must pay me, in KK donuts.

Nah just kidding, stop by the table, if we can find a way to work you in, you’re in!

We’re still looking for assistance in power and tables and such, if you can provide such assistance you’re a shoe in!

Ok, heres the reaction that we here at FIRSTcast get to the words, “Pay to be on the show”

Conor: dude we hit it big
Joe: yeah
Joe: i want a new car!
Conor: i want a car too!
Conor: bmw M5
Joe: :stuck_out_tongue:
Conor: and after that the mars rover!
Joe: “represent dutchland yo”
Conor: V Dub in da haus!
… and we still haven’t talked to Matt, Jeff, or Adam

Just drop in, say what your user name is, who you are exactly, and talk to us, ask if you can go on the show, and then tell us what you want to do. We’ll set something up, and hey if it doesn’t work out LIVE from Atlanta, then we’ll get some contact info and well we can always have you VoIP like all the other episodes.

These guys forget they work for me.


Now incentives…that’s a different story, and I believe Mr. Lavery can put you to the nearest KK vendor.

What Matt doesn’t know is that the video is now spreading around EVE like wild fire. He WISHES I was kidding. Remember Matt, taller, bigger, and older.

Just watched the video… I might take some still shots from that video and make it into HUGE poster boards and put it right infront of the FIRSTcast station. =)

Right next to the giant blow up Matt Krass head…


You are all crazy.
And I feel like I might be the next JVN :stuck_out_tongue: At least within the fanbase of the show…

Now can somebody please help us out? POWER!


If there’s no power, I’m limited to about a 2 hour show. :slight_smile:

if you guys are going to be doing updates during fri + sat i would more than willing be your man with the info from the CURIE division =D and you bet ill be there at the webhug as long as all of the changes are done to the bot by then =P

For all those who can read this, you probably won’t be going to Champs. :frowning:

BUT, we will try to get this live episode out ASAP! With it we plan on having another installment of the FIRSTcast Interviews. If things go my way, we’ll have an episode out Friday, with the Interviews on Thursday.

Only 14 more hours! :stuck_out_tongue:


why d’you say that? i, for one, am not leaving until after all my finals/projects/homework is done. and that won’t be till about midnight tonight*; but i’ll be coming. also, i saw it something mentioned earlier about payment for bein’ on FIRSTcast; how much would you be willing to pay me for my time?:stuck_out_tongue:

*as it is now, i’m running on 25 mins of sleep, and 2 gallons of ‘vault’ energy soda. i sure hope that stuff doesn’t have any side effects…