[FIRSTCast] Live Episode Friday!


FIRSTCast Season Two Episode Four

Hey everyone! This Friday at approximately 8:30pm EST will be the live broadcast of the next FIRSTCast episode! A link to the live stream and an online IRC applet will be posted on our website right before we go live. Come join us in the IRC chat and ask questions during the episode!

On this episode, we’ll be recapping Aim High, since there are no more offseason events. This year’s game is in the past, and we’ll review all the greatest plays, winning strategies, and why this might be the best game FIRST has come up with yet.

Also, we’ll have a special announcement about FIRSTCast’s coverage live (to tape!) from the Kickoff Event in Manchester, NH. It’s going to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! Tune in on Friday for more details!

This episode continues our monthly release schedule, with episodes coming out around the first of each month. Once build season starts, the episodes will ramp up as we keep you posted on all the news and updates with this year’s game!

As always, if you have questions you want us to answer on the air, send them to firstpodcast@gmail.com. We’ll do our best to answer as many as we can. Also, you can join the FIRSTCast Facebook Group, where you can post on ideas for topics, music suggestions, and other comments.

Check here before the show for the live stream and IRC information: http://firstcast.openfirst.org/

Hm, I wonder what that means :rolleyes:

Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing thoughtful insights and information once the build season starts!

It’s going to be unlike anything you’ve seen before (which isn’t hard, how many video podcasts have come outta Manchester?), trust me, we’re over worked, we don’t go into deep cryptic hints. :wink:

Also Greg, it’s FIRSTcast, lower case C.

Sounds great…I will be tuning in and listening hopefully.

Sounds good guys, I’ll be listening in in a few hours.


Don’t forget to check the website for the stream and IRC information so you can listen and chat along with us!

Hop on in guys, the pool is warm!

So when will this episode be out?

I want to hear how the surprise segment went :slight_smile:

Congrats on a good FIRSTCast! I thought it was pretty cool!

P.S. What was the big surprise? The top ten list or something? I didn’t hear what it was.

Good FIRSTCast. I got to hear the last 10 minutes or so… especially liked Kelli and Michelle’s top 10. Good job all, keep it up.


awesome episode.

except michelle’s little…uhm…interjection…after my toaster question.


i’ll get you back, michelle.

Since Joe asked me to post this about an hour ago… (by asked I mean, I asked him when it’d be up and he was like “You post it” )

FIRSTcast Episode 2.4 is up.

Direct Download (Page)
Direct link to audio

And then there is always iTunes

Thank you Andy, and everyone else for your kind words. The episode went well , even if it was a bit late for you east coasters. I greatly appreciate your comments… Michelle you rocked!
P.S.- Thank you Adam, Joseph, and Greg for putting up with me and Michelle… you guys are AWESOME!

The big surprise was the announcement of the video episode of FIRSTCast that will be from the Kickoff in Manchester.

Not everyone can attend the Manchester Kickoff, even if they live in New England, so we’re going to give you an idea of what it’s like to actually go and see the kickoff in person. We’re also going to get hands-on with this year’s field and game elements to give you a chance to see them up-close the day of kickoff. And hopefully, we’ll have an interview with a certain FIRST person about why they joined FIRST, what they think of this year’s game, and where they believe the young thinkers of today will bring us tomorrow.

Oh, and did I mention we’re planning on editing it on the drive home in order to have it online by the night of Kickoff? Yea, we’re crazy.

The “pseudo” surprise is the one I was talking about :slight_smile: a few people knew Kelli and I we’re going to try and do a segment, but no one for sure knew that we were. A few days before the show I got an IM from someone not on the show “FIRSTcast is going to kickoff?” and I responded “No one told me”. So maybe you just had two surprises. :slight_smile:

We set up a survey to take about FIRSTcast. Check it out, help a brother out.


If that was a surprise, I must be Apple’s marketing firm.

Welcome to CD Mr. Schiller!

yep. we definitely are! :ahh: … its going to be fun anyway.

I recommend skipping directly to 13:40 into Season 2, Episode 3 :ahh: