FIRSTcast Live NOW, championship preview

Live now, join the conversation with Karthik, Andy Baker, Jeff Rodriguez, Andy Morrison, and Greg Needel for a conversation about the championship. Come and join us now
We’d love to hear from you during the show and talk about your ideas.

it was a great show. great job to everyone all around

Nice show, i really enjoyed hearing other peoples views on championship.

Matthew Simpson

Team 75 Driver

Was the session recorded that all of us that missed it could listen to it?

It looks like it’s already posted in iTunes

Really? I don’t see it in Itunes yet.

If it is anything like previous episodes it should be up in the next day or two.

I believe you can download it in mp3 format on this page:

I doublechecked. It’s 1:41:50 (40.8MB)
It showed up in my FIRSTCast podcast list about an hour ago.

Than you have the pre-edit version. (I’ll take out some dead space a nd a few things)
Hopefully I can get the real thing out later today. As mentioned in the show, I may slpit it into two parts since it was almost an hour and 45 minutes.