FIRSTcast: Live

Sunday (tomorrow) we’ll be doing a live show on at 12pm EST. We’ll be talking about the new game, potential strategies, questions about rules, etc. allows anyone to listen in and participate in the chat. We want to hear from you and take your questions. Please call in to the show and ask questions or participate in the discussion. Guests can call in using Talkshoe (on the info page for the show), a VOIP client, or by telephone.

If you have any questions about the show, or want to suggest topics, you can also email us:

the show will also be posted later and part of the normal feeds.

Thanks for listening! -Jeff Rodriguez

Go here for help with voip clients. (I’ve had the most luck with Gizmo5). The phone number to call will be displayed at the bottom of the page once the show starts.

Nice, I will definitely be there!

EDIT: I won’t be able to make it. :frowning: I’ll listen to it later, though.

The show will be starting in a few minutes.
Join us over at

Live now. Come join the fun.

We’ll be going live in a few minutes. Join us over at

This is really cool, I’m listening as I type.

I really wish this would start later in the day, but if that’s the only time, then do what fits…

FIRSTcast is live again this week!
Join us over at

The show will start around 12 noon EST.

We’ll be live again this week with a great panel of guests. Jump on over to and put us on during your build meeting!

This week we’ll be talking about Suffield, the game, and things that caught us off guard. Join us over at We’d love to answer your questions.