FIRSTcast:S4E3, "Coaching"

In this episode we have assembled a variety of experienced coaches to share their ideas and thoughts about coaching. Our lineup for this show is Jeff Rodriguez, Greg Needel, Tim Baird, Kevin Kolodziej, and Adam Heard.

In this episode we talk about how we prepare before matches, how we handle ourselves and others during matches, some situations we’ve been in, and try to shed some light on how we coach.

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How do you set up a podcast on iTunes that you can add episodes to?

You mean to subscribe to FIRSTcast?

You mean make your own podcast?

I really enjoyed this episode. This was my first year as a coach, and I just kind of talked to my drive team about what they wanted and did what I thought would help them, but now I find out what I was doing was very similar to what other more experienced coaches are doing.

It was also good to hear the differences between coaches, and get some ideas for how to be a better coach myself.

Thanks guys!