FIRSTcast: Season 4 Episode 1!

Season 4 is upon us and FIRSTcast is back!

Joe Matt, Jeff Rodriguez and Greg Needel join us for the first episode in a while. We talk about the new control system, the Michigan district structure and some other things. We also talk about some format changes for the upcoming season.

You can subscribe to and download the podcast here.

If you have any suggestions for the show email us at [email protected].

Be sure to visit the site too:

Thanks for listening!

Perhaps its because its only been ten minutes since you said its up, but when I click on your link to iTunes, iTunes gives me an error saying: “The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the US Store.”

Oh well, I’ll download it the manual way.

Since FIRSTcast was off the air for a while it was removed from itunes (we think it has more to due with our xml then the timeframe) but it will parse back to itunes soon.

If you go through the feedburner site, you should be able to subscribe with iTunes there.

Yup, that works just fine. Thanks for the advice.

The problem came summer 2007 when, our nice, free, and great hosting partners (did I mention how good they are?) went down for awhile. Apple saw inactivity and during a regular search saw our xml feed was gone, and then deleted us from the podcasting store. I’ve tried to get it back up but they sware it’s still there! Instead of sending them an email starting with “Hey John Mayer here!” or something like that I just learned to accept it and press on with the show and my life. That’s why I stopped advertising the links in our last “season” to iTunes.

Hope this helps.

btw 5,000 post. joined nearly 7 years ago. wow.

Yeah, doesn’t even work through your site now. Please try to get iTunes up-and-running again. That’s my main podcasting client, and I’d appreciate it very much, as I’m sure a lot of other would.

Anyway, good to see you guys back! :slight_smile:

To subscribe in iTunes, copy the following url:

in iTunes go to Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast - Then you can paste the url in there and voila! You’re golden.

We’ve also re-submitted to iTunes so we should be listed in their directory in the foreseeable future.

The link to the STORE does not work. That’s all. iTunes checks the RSS feeds manually and pulls the content and does not deal with the store. It will work fine no matter what.

I know the link to the store doesn’t work. But I didn’t have the actual podcast link, and the one on your Feedburner site apparently tries to take us to the store.

We’re re-listed on iTunes. You can subscribe in iTunes here:

The iTunes link on the site should work as well.
Thanks for listening.