FIRSTcast: Season 4 Episode 6 - Five weeks to go

Joining us this week is Jeff Rodriguez, Greg Needel, Tristan Lall from team 188, Michelle Celio alumni of team 1065 and Pat McCarthy formerly from team 67.
We’re talking about the Team Updates and how they’re impacting teams and some things we would like to see in future updates. We’ve also got a small look at the rough schedule our teams try to stick to during the build season.
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Listening to it right now, but I can;t help from notice that your logo has a wrench with an octagonal head on it. I have never seen an 8 sided head, standard is 6 sided.

*just chillin in Florida!
Thanks for getting this up so quick. I was anxious to hear how it sounded, (I haven’t been on FIRSTcast… since S2E4)

Hope ya’ll enjoyed.

That’s the special wrench I need to open the series of tubes, so I can upload the show. :wink: