FIRSTcast: Season 4 Episode 9 - Robots!

This week we’ve got a very experienced lineup of guests. Jeff and Greg are joined this week by Shaun McNaulty of team 25, Pat McCarthy, Art Dutra IV of team 228, Andy Baker and Jess Jankowitsch.

This week we’re going over some of the robots that we find interesting on Chief Delphi. In order of discussion we talk about the video from team 118, team 2594, the anonymous team, team 2845, team 121’s traction control.
We’ve also got some talk about Art’s production of replica the Orbit balls, or Gus balls, and look at what Andymark has been up to this season.

If you’re going or have beet to a pre-ship event, we’d love to have you on the show to share your experience. Email us ([email protected]) and we’ll do our best.

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I am posting on this site so for the fact that on our thread we will be posting a video of our tube shooting. We have been asked to post a vid and I am sorry for the wait, but on the link above, it will bo posted soon. (2594).