FIRSTcast Slogan Contest

Here at FIRSTcast, we’ve gotten lazy after our last episode. After the regionals we’ve found that paying others to do our dirty work is better. What can we say, we’re sedentary.

So when it came to our new posters, we quickly threw together this poster and well, we found out we needed a slogan! Or a few.

Here’s the thing. We need many slogans for a poster/flyer campagin at Champs, and we want the community’s help. I’ll pick 10 to be used on the posters. What will you guys get? How about the super-duper awesome FIRSTcast buttons ! Ok, not that great? How about that you have to buy them otherwise, and so far, I, Joe Matt, am buying a 10 pack of them (or so). Sounds better, no?

Here’s what we’re looking for:
-Something snappy and short, no mission statements. Max 7 or so words. Remember, we want it big on the top of a piece of paper.
-It should be whitty & funny over completly serious, but still, serious can be good too.
-No bad words or slamming other FIRST/non-FIRST podcasts. Remember GP people.
-Make it something that anyone walking by will laugh at, not just those who know the inside JVN joke.

You can post more than one idea in a post, but make sure they’re spaced out so I know what’s what. Finally, no members of the FIRSTcast staff can post, old guests can, but we’ll expect more from you guys, so we’ll judge them tougher. :wink:

The deadline for all this ho-ha is Sunday April 16th, 8pm EST.

PS- For examples, check out Chipotle under the “play” section to read their print ads.

Oh, finally, make sure to check out the store and the homepage too.

1. Whatt?? FIRSTcast?? YEAH!

Ok yeah… that was kinda …stupid.

2. Yeah we cool…

I think I’m kinda bad at this hehe…but I’ll keep going since I’m bored.

3. Learn, Laugh, Listen

4. Quick and easy entertainment

5. Mmmm FIRSTcast

FIRSTcast, second to none.
Click Click Bloody Click FIRSTcast
Robots + Podcast = FIRSTcast
FIRSTcast - now with 33% more! (more of what? I don’t know)
Andy Baker listens to FIRSTcast, you should too. (assuming he does)

I agree with Ogre.


FIRSTCast: Not your average FIRST Robotics Podcast

Here’s what it’ll look like…

and to throw this in…

  1. All the cool geeks listen to FIRSTcast…

  2. If all your friends jumped off a bridge, they couldn’t hear FIRSTcast.

  3. FIRSTcast. More intelligible than Scandinavian Death Metal.

FIRSTcast – we’re against jingles, but slogans are cool.

I wanted an iPod, but all I got was this FIRSTcast button.

Let he who is without robot FIRSTcast the last stone.

Don’t be the last to catch FIRSTcast.

I landed a big one on my very FIRSTcast.

If you’re not watching FIRSTcast, don’t worry, that’s normal.

Can’t sleep? Try FIRSTcast!

“Cool Geeks” That’s right folks, and you heard it here first!

on the topic though:

Listening to FIRSTcast gets you dates!*
*this may be a lie

Well that was mean!


Good slogans people, keep em coming!

I’ve always been partial to:

All the cool kids watch FIRSTcast, now you can too!

FIRSTcast : Not your average podcast…

i think would work better… its simple… says FIRST in it… tells you its a pod cast… but better =X

NEVER!!! EVER EVER!!! scandinavian death metal will rule the world some day i swear!!! *second to FIRST of course… cause the robots will be playing the scandinavian death metal!!!

6. FIRSTcastXcore

haha you’re scene now

7. Say no to drugs and yes to FIRSTcast

Woo anti drug!

8. Got FIRSTcast?

Yay for spin-offs and my lack of sleep…


hahaha… yeah

10. FIRSTcast. You’ll Love it.

it’s the truth!

11. Vote for FIRSTcast

It just looks cool…

12. The Newest Addiction

no comment =P

13. FIRSTcast, what more could you need/want?

yeah … need or want works…

FIRSTcast…when we’re not building robots, we’re talking about them.

FIRSTcast, its whats for dessert

Maybe it’s making FIRSTcast that gets you dates…worked for Adam :wink:

FIRSTCast - The Freshmaker!

FIRSTCast - The other white meat

I vote you withhold that comment until you two actually go on a date :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh and you definitely need to make it through the date first, surviving a night with Adam is worth a Regional Chairmans.

Evil. Just plain Evil.

14. FIRSTcast > Cookies

15. FIRSTcast, baby

16. FIRSTcast now with 15% less rambling Matt.

Kidding of course.

17. Hey you, come here…

Oy… michelle. That’s not scene, that’s sXe… (straightedge) and/ or Hardcore.

Scene would be:

FIRSTcast… that’s hawt!

Which… btw… the word hawt (spelled just like that) was originally used in the 50’s as an acronym for “Having A Wonderful Time”. Nowadays, the darn scene kids stole it to mean a play on the word “Hot” meaning awesome/cool.

So… in the end… I have more useless knowledge than I know what to do with, and will come up with a wicked cool slogan for FIRSTcast when I actually think about it.

FIRSTcast - it’s all about you, isn’t it?

FIRSTcast - the REAL deal

FIRSTcast - Get Hooked

FIRSTcast - geek world made clear