FIRSTChoice password

Has the AM FIRSTChoice password or other PDV’s shown up on anyone’s TIMS account yet? When did that happen last year?

I know they open up for ordering on Dec 10

Items #2 and #7 in FIRSTChoice Ordering Rules imply passwords should be available before the site opens for orders to teams who have their paid registration fee.

FIRST has a PO# from our sponsor, but the password is not yet available in TIMS.

Same here, our NASA PO# and registration are confirmed, but we are still shown as unpaid, so I was curious if those teams who are “paid” had their passwords yet.

We were paid as of Monday. I just logged into TIMS, and there is nothing about FIRST Choice in there.

Our team shows as paid too and as of 8:00 this morning, I still don’t see anything in TIMS about FIRST Choice or any of the PDVs that open up on Monday. I feel like I must be missing something. I’ve been checking regularly on the Team Summary page where that kind of stuff is usually listed in the sidebar…but I got nothing.

From Frank’s blog post on 25 October 2012:

Early FIRST Choice and Virtual Kit orders are only available to 2013 FRC Teams that have registered and paid. Team specific access codes will be made live available in the team’s TIMS account on December 10. If a team registers and/or pays after this date, the codes will become live in the team’s TIMS account once payment is confirmed.

Emphasis mine.

Cutting it a little close, but I guess it’s an example of “just in time delivery”

TIMS has a spot ready on the right-hand side.



We’ve had word from FRCteams that the passwords will appear on or near Monday.