FIRSTer Eating Habits

My team never really seems to get out of the cycle of ordering pizza one day, Mexican another, and Chinese the next… So, I’m wondering, after a long day working ever-so-hard on your robot, what do you order for dinner?

Or, rather, what types of food do YOU eat during robotics?

(when not working on the robot, of course)

We had parents volunteer to bring in something for dinner every night. It usually prevented the pizza cycle. And you get some good varieties, too.

Here’s the setup we used for this year.

Our parents rock. I can’t stress the fact that the Robonauts’ parents were untoppable this year when it came to food! We had burgers, hot dogs, lasagna, various pies and cakes, and much much more. It was wonderful. I actually only had pizza once during the season with the team.

I suggest that you ask your parents to bring in something that wouldn’t be bothersome. For us, many of the parents enjoyed helping out and the bonus was that they got to learn about the robot because they had to come down to drop the food off and that got them pretty excited. The cool thing was it got our parents involved and they got to see (and experience) where my life is spent.

Our setup was an excel file with the dates. On weekdays the parents would sign up for snacks and usually we had chips, some finger foods (Carrots, Celery, Dip) and drinks and stuff. On the weekends however (Friday and Saturday when we could stay later), the parents would bring the food and would sign up for slots for a main dish, side dish (or appetizers can’t remember), and dessert, that way no single parent was overburdened.

Overall we were always fed, we involved our parents, and many parents enjoyed it, especially when it came time for out Potluck dinners and ALL of them brought food, but that’s a whole different post [possibly].