FIRSTers sought to participate in Nobel-Prize-Winners Contest

One of the great things about FIRST’s size and quality is that it is drawing attention from many other groups. One of them, the sponsors of The Molecular Frontiers Inquiry Prize were impressed by their visit to the Championship.

I offered to help by posting this invite for FIRST participants to participate in their on-line challenge.

The contest is simple and asks students to merely pose an interesting question about molecules. Among those that will evaluate the challenge submissions are Nobel Prize winners.

Maybe someone could ask “How many molecules are in the average FIRST robot?” to draw the Nobel Laureates into the FIRST world?

This is a neat opportunity, Vince. Thank you for posting it and also for your suggestion.

I’m wondering if this is a fitting topic for the Math and Science forum in CD rather than Chit Chat? Maybe we could get a mod to move it.


Pretty cool, Vince. Thanks for posting.:slight_smile: