This is designated to FIRSTisms, sort of like confucisms or proverbs but regarding to FIRST or changing a word in a real proverb like these:

-FIRST, it’s whats for dinner

or the commonly heard one:

-FIRST makes the world go round

or even from a song -All you need is FIRST

“FIRST: making cheese since 1992.”

I saw something similar to this outside a building a few years ago, and it made me chuckle thinking about FIRST.

I can’t believe it’s not FIRST!

^ It’s working kind of slowly, but … it’s great for generating slogans with your favorite words. Try it! :wink:

You Need A First.

8 out of 10 Owners who Expressed a Preference said Their Cats Preferred FIRST.

Life FIRST or die
Live free or FIRST

Give me FIRST or give me death.

Give me liberty or give me FIRST.

Love, Peace, FIRST!

Tried it with X-Cats.
Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe It’s X-Cats. :smiley:
I think I found a new page to save to favorites.


A journey of a thousand smiles begins with FIRST.

FIRST: The hardest job you’ll ever love.

You’ve got a friend in FIRST.

FIRST things first

for those of you from Delaware:
The FIRST state

These would make great pins.

All the FIRST thats fit to build

Fly. Sleep. Drive. FIRST.

::just FIRST it
::bring out the FIRST in you
:: [Quench your] THIRST for FIRST
:: FIRST to rise, last to fall
::FIRST to give, FIRST to keep, FIRST to rise but last to sleep

Dude, You’re Getting a FIRST!
or how about
Got FIRST? You’re in Luck.

your friendly neighborhood FIRST

When you’re FIRST, flaunt it.

Like a good neighbor, FIRST is there.
He’s got some FIRST in him.
Don’t get mad, get FIRST.
I’m lovin’ FIRST.