FIRSTopoly for PC

Hi everyone…

Im looking for some programming help with FIRSTopoly…im not all that great with programming otherwise id try it myself. This is based on the monopoly for pc, but with different properties and chance/community chest cards of course :).

A Beta will be released at the end of july…no dates for a final version yet. so if anyone has some free time…HELP!

(fyi: the game will not be called FIRSTopoly unless permission is obtained from USAopoly. FIRSTopoly is the codename for the project.)

edit A Board Game version will be made, no dates for release as of yet edit


Sweet! I can’t help you… but… sweet!

Can we get a few examples of what pieces, properties, and chance/community chest cards might be?


I would also like ideas for what the pieces, properties and cards should look like

how about a Krispy Kreme on the board???

One suggestion:

25’s 06 bot as a piece.

I’ll come up with more.

If it’s art you’re after, give me a shout out and I’ll try my best to help with that.

As for board items, for the facilities you might want things like machining tools (aka Mill, Lathe, CNC shop, etc.)

Maybe have properties like, team’s hometowns and whatnot.
To use a familiar example, “Hammond, IN” or “Beatty Machining” could be properties. That one would have to be like Park Place or Boardwalk. :rolleyes:

EDIT: The classic ‘Go’ spot should be “Robot Inspection” so when you get a go to jail card, it says, “Go straight to Jail, do not pass inspection, do not collect $200!”

you should have like a fed ex truck and the start shud be kickoff…then for houses and hotels you shud have garages and machine shops
or for all the propertys you could do all the regionals…dont know if there is enough though but its a start

How about the GO TO JAIL spot being DISQUALIFIED

Software Currently Being Used

Game Maker-


instead of Luxury tax, have a penalty flag. No railroads… Save a porche, ride a Segway… Take a ride on Dean’s Helicopter… North Dumpling Island should be boardwalk! Instead of money, we should use Dean’s currency, the Dumpling. The value of one of the bills is equivalent to the value of pi. This game will be great, I’m looking forward to it.

Ha… chance card… get 2nd place at IRI talent show, collect 15 Dumplings. (sorry, DSKB, just second)

I might be able to help do something if you would use or c#. I think the idea is good, I can help with some of the graphics too. If you have any of the graphics done or if you have started any of the programing e-mail it to me at [email protected].

Use past game pieces/ field elements as the player pieces (ball, tetra, bin, floppie, inner tube, mobile goals, puck). Or, use some of the bots from Dave’s game animations.

use regional events, for all but the blue spaces. For those, use DaVinci (FVC championship field), and Einstein (FLL/ FRC championship field).

Railroads = Galileo, Newton, Archimedes, Curie.
Free Parking = NASA Grant (or something like that), or Chairmans Award.
Tax = Penalty
Jail = DQ, Disable, or Failed Inspection
Go = Kickoff

Running on the heels of Ryan’s idea which I was thinking about. I think using regionals would be great. There are alot of things you could do with it that would be cool. For example, instead of “buying” a property you’re becoming the “head sponsor” or something goofy like that. Then of course whoever lands on it has to pay “registration fees” for attending which would go back to the “sponsor”. The houses/hotels become that you’re sponsoring the Bronze, then Silver, then Gold awards… with the hotel being the Chairman’s Award. Then Park Place/Boardwalk could be the Championship Event and such. If there’s not enough regionals for spaces (or you want to have an “off-season” area) you could have one of the areas have some off-seasons.

I really like the idea someone said about the railroads being the fields from Championship. I also like the idea about past game pieces as actual game pieces.

As for the computer game version, I’d be interested in helping out. What are you using the code it? I might be able to help out with graphics design if your coding in an area I’m not as useful with. Very cool idea, and I like even more that this could become an actual board game.

Just a side note.

The Monopoly game, and its derivitives, are trademarked by Parker Brothers which is owned by Hasboro.

Parker brothers routinely gives out licences to create derivitive work (such as FIRSTopoly), however you would need to obtain such a licence.

To use the name FIRST in the title (if you choose to do so) would require apporval and licencing from FIRST as well.

That being said: I think this is a great idea and oppertunity. If you need beta testers or code checking ( or then I’ll volunteer. :slight_smile:


Game Maker is no longer being used after figuring out that there is no way a monopoly like game can be created in game maker…

Any suggestions on what other program to use? If there is enough programming help, it can be coded in other lang…

There are 40 spaces on a monopoly board.

-22 properties

  • 4 Rail Roads
  • 2 Utility
  • 2 Taxes
  • 3 Community Chest
  • 3 Chance
  • Free Parking
  • Go to Jail
  • Jail
  • Go

I know that the game piece’s in other version such as dogopoly are related to in this case dogs. There is a bowl, bone, fire hydrant, mailman, ect. The game pieces for the FIRSTopoly could be a hammer, saw, skyway wheel, cim, screw, ect.
The properties in dogopoly are, yep you guess it, dogs. So we could use FRC teams as the “properties”. The first side of the board (Light blue and Purple) would contain the rookie all-stars. The property on that side would be the nationals rookie allstar, then national rookie inspiration, ect. The next side (orange and pinkish-purple) would be teams that win technical design awards year after year (as long as they dont fill in one of the next spots). The next side (Red and Yellow) would have national winners. Beatty would be the last on the road. To sort out the other funny stuff, you could go by who came relatively the closest to winning there second. The final side of the board (Blue and Green) would be for the hall of fame. I have no clue how to sort this out tho.
The railroads should be the four fields in Atlanta
Utility should be a laythe shop and a mill shop.
Taxes should be paying for a regional or the KOP.
Community chess should be like community involvement where you get donations and such from the public (Like a bake sale).
Chance ___________(I have no clue so fillin the blank)
Free parking could be you get another sponsor.
Go to jail could be fail in spection
Jail could be “Time for Speed Holes”
Go ________ (Another Fillin the blank)

Thats everything.

P.s I had a monopoly board infront of me while i did this.

I’d be hesitant to do this, because it favors some teams over other, and there are teams who don’t necessarily win technical awards year after year, but still have very VERY good robots, ala 254* (The only technical award they’ve won at SVR since 2002 is Motorola Quality in 2005, yet they consistently win it every year with a spectaculary efficient robot)

I like the idea of using regionals as properties, and having the bigger (not necessarily “better”) regionals be the higher priced ones.

*254 was used as an example because I’m very familliar with their team and robots over the past number of years.

Like i said above I can help with programming and some of the art. I think this should be easy to do in or C#, and both of these are free from microsoft here :slight_smile: . I am leaveing for a vacation this weekend, but when get back I’ll get started on this.

I’m in favor of using the regionals as properties too. There were 33 regionals this year plust the championship event, and only 22 spaces on the board, so about 12 regionals wont be used.

From this year, the largest regionals were:
NASA/VCU - 64 teams
Chesapeake - 64 teams
NJ - 63 teams
GLR - 63 teams

Of course, each year more teams are formed and attend these regionals, and these regionals only have a 1 team difference. Also more regionals are added each year, so you’d have to figure out a way to decide which property/regional goes on which position on the board, and which ones would be used.

…Or you can scrap the idea of using regionals as properties and do something different. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t forget GTR, they had seventy-something. (I think)

oops! I knew I was forgetting one. They had 74 teams attending this year.