FIRSTr: Like digg, but for robotics

Pretty neat. I like your website template.

Technically, this is an incorrect statement.

People who happened to be moderators voiced concerns that there were not very useful teasers. There is no consensus among moderators that teasers are a problem (ie: no need to take them off of

Sorry, I should have said a moderator voiced the issue that some teasers that get posted really didnt need to be posted. I think FIRSTr would be great for those those as the ones that get dugg will get homepaged and the others wount.

So, its been a few weeks. What’s changed?
In addition to new users and content, the main new feature is called the External Vote Button (or EVB). It lets you put a button on your article/blog/story/etc that lets people vote right from your page.

It looks like this:

Where can I get the EVB?
Its actually quite simple, all the code you need to use on any HTML page is

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

More information here:

Any other ways I can get involved?

News postings have been kind of lax, consisting mainly of FIRST official blasts or updates. The idea behind FIRSTr is to promote otherwise unseen projects and content by teams to a common medium.

We need you.

Here are the top ways you can help:
[li]Register & submit new stories
[/li][li]Tell your team/friends/family about it
[/li][li]Sport the userbar in your signature

I love digg. I love FIRST. What can be better than digg + FIRST?

I digg it:p

(I could not resit a bad pun)

I’ve been out of the loop, especially around when you announced this Tim.

Looks pretty cool. I’ve added the ‘Published’ RSS feed to the news you can get on the portal, here.


So um… what happened to FIRSTr? The main page says it’s “down indefinitely.” Did I miss something?

It was unused and starting to be abused, so I took it down before things got too bad. I plan to do something else with the domain, but just haven’t decided what or had time to work on it yet.

You guys might be interested in checking out the site I’m in the process of building.

I’m trying like mad to get users registered and to get people adding their own videos. My goal is to make something for FIRST that is myspacey and YouTubey combined.

Check it out and let me know what you think.