taken by spammers was registered by PopularEnterprises, a known Spammer and domain squatter, on Oct. 3 . As far as I know, FIRST robotics is not a trademark, but I wonder what FIRST is going to do about this. PopularEnterprises also operates as and and has already upset many people by taking their domain away mere seconds after expiration. Apparently even non-profit organizations are at risk. What should be dome about this? Is anybody else upset?

What did used to be?

i dunno if it was anything, is a site though, thats probably what he is referring too

Copyright infringement? what about that?

That may be the same group that took RAGE’s old sight right after it expired. It was turned into a link to a porn site but now we have a new one at

I think it may have used to link to , but my main concern is that w/ all the new teams and gaining popularity of the program, people are going to go to an obvious for informaion and end up with a screen full of ads.

Not only ads but a whole boat load of pop-ups…Kill all of the pop-ups