[FIRSTruth] Episode 2

Announcing the creation of not just another FIRST Webshow, FIRSTruth gets into the nitty gritty of FIRST - The controversies, the roadblocks, the Homework! Hosted by everyone’s favorite carpet-bagger, Dan Swando

In this episode:
Kickoff Candidate
NASA Screwed Up - Or did they?
Rules Rules and more Rules
No Robot Left Behind * Spotlighted post
Dan’s Early Returns Predictions.

All available on Google Video at:

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-G52 - Why do the refs hate my team?
-Drivetrains - To Omni or not to Omni? That IS the question
-Message Control. Just repeat after me.
-Somebody’s On Notice. Find out who gets called out by Dan.
-Plus Whatever’s on CD that Dan thinks is interesting

Please utilize this thread for questions, comments, etc. of the episode. Any information, related links, or input not related to praise or condemnation may and should be sent to FIRSTruth@gmail.com

good work on the homework! ill be watching every episode! my plan is to post a FIRST tv show as well (occ or monster garage style)

lets get everyone to spread the word to the general public!