[FIRSTruth] Episode 4: A New Hope

Holy Sith! Dan’s back from seeking professional help on his addiction to FIRSTCast ;).

This week’s episode:
Don’t be such a tease!
Give them all a hand.
Yeah, I’ve gone over tothe Dark Side
<R16> - Oh for the love of…](http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=61645)
Conspiracy Theory! Chicken Coup?

All this and a bag of bytes located at:

And if you never want to hear me do bits this bad again, then tell me what you think.

Next week:
Maybe we’ll finally get into Dean’s Homework, right after I finish my Physiology homework.
Maybe we’ll finally investigate the number one threat to FIRST
Maybe we’ll find out what happened to last year’s homework?

I dunno, it all depends on what kind of response I get… :rolleyes:

I’m flattered that you think that our omniwheels are a COTS product from AndyMark :wink:

The rollers were purchased from AM; everything else was designed and manufactured by our team. The photo was never meant to be a teaser. There’s not a lot to say about omniwheels, but I think you’ll find that Fred and I – the two most active members from 488 on the forums – are both very forthcoming with information about anything we share.

Just sayin’ :wink:

It was late, and I was tired and wasn’t reading the captions enough. Sorry about that.

Incedently, Madison here is the one that started the “stop posting bad teasers” thread that I referenced in this thread and in the show. Kudos to her for getting concerned and doing something about it :D.