FIRST's Default Code License

Does FIRST explicitly license the default source code to us? If so, what license agreement is there? Finally, does this include the IFI files (ifi_.)? I looked through the code and couldn’t find copyrights or license agreements. Does this mean it is public domain?

Good question… I think it would be Innovation FIRST, not FIRST proper, that would be the guys to ask, since it’s on their website.

I would think that it would be OK for the purposes of your repository.

I don’t see anywhere that the code is explicitly licensed to us, nor
is it explicitly copyrighted (although the code on is
explicitly copyrighted, due to the notice at the bottom of his page).
Thus the code has an implicit copyright, and you need to ask
permission to republish it, like in your library.

Something isn’t in the public domain unless it is explicitly put in
the public domain by the creator.