FIRSTScout Mediawiki is Live!

Thanks to Bryce from Team 93, FIRSTScout is live! (he is currently hosting the whole site for FREE!)

FIRSTScout is a mediawiki used for the sole purpose of scouting. Once filled, it will contain data on many of the teams in FIRST, and will be a useful resource for many teams!

If you remember earlier in the season Team 201 mentioned that their scouting system for this year was based locally on a mediawiki, and this is the Online Version of that system.

The Wiki is only about 90% done, but will constantly be growing with time! Feel free to stop on by and add your teams data! :slight_smile:

Current URL:

Alex Dinsmoor
Team 201

I guess I will add image uploading. I guess it’s a bit of a hassel to upload the images to a remote location. And any scouting data that can added would be very useful!