An Email from Fluidhosting. Just thought I’d pass it along:

Dear Valued Customers,

Since we started offering web hosting to the public, Fluid Hosting has experienced a substantial growth. We would like to thank all of you for your trust and support as one of the main reasons for our growth.

We have currently exceeded the use of our full cabinet on the data center and are in need to expand more by reserving the use of three additional cabinets. Unfortunately, Internap can not assign us adjacent cabinets. To simplify our operation in the future, we have scheduled a time with Internap to move our current cabinet to the new cabinets assignment. During this time, we will move all of our servers, our customer’s servers, and all equipments. Because of this move, there will be a total loss of connectivity for some period of time, unfortunately.

We will be scheduling the move on Saturday, 09/13/2003 at 2AM EDT local time (GMT -04:00). Please plan accordingly.

We expect no further complications during the move. However, we have also planned for the worst, in the event the move does not go as smoothly. On/around the specified time above, we will do a hot-cut our ethernet drops and swing them over to the new cabinets. All connectivity will be lost once these ethernet drops are disconnected from our core switch. We will then move our core switch to the new cabinet. Next, we will move our main DNS/Email/Control Panel server which also hosts our main web site, We expect the main server to be accessible again within 15 minutes.

We have also retrieve all customer’s (shared hosting, VPS, collocation and dedicated) email address. In the unlikely event that the move is prolonged and our main server is down longer than expected, we will be communicating with you through your contact email address on our record. Please make sure that you update your contact email address. Preferably, your main contact email address is difference then the domain you host on our server/network. A yahoo/hotmail email address will be a good example of a contact email address to use. If our main server is down longer than necessary, you may contact us at [email protected]. Our techs/admins will also be monitoring this mail box during the move.

Furthermore, we are currently moving our main forums (currently on a VPS account) to this main server temporarily. Once the main server is up, we will try to keep you updated about the whole progress in the forum. Please access our forum at instead of the usual URL ( We will then move our other servers one by one in the order of preference to be determined later.

All collocation and dedicated server customers will need to give us your root password to each and all of your servers. Please send your root password and any other information pertaining to your servers to [email protected] by the end of Friday.

We have reserved around three hours to complete all the move.This, however, does not mean that all servers will go down for the whole three hours as some servers will be brought up earlier than other servers.

We apologize for any inconveniences/troubles this may have caused you. Should you have any further questions and/or concerns about this scheduled work, please contact us at [email protected].

Fluid Hosting LLC

Oh… also. An update. Ahh… I really want to start putting time into FSN and get things rolling. I’m going to be gone this weekend, but hopefully next week, I can put some work into adding on to some work that others have allready done with a DB, and get a alpha something out. I’ve been talking a little bit with some people and have an idea worked out.


FSN is a going. Next update: Ahh… next week?? :wink:


PS: We also finallly got the site to mirror (well sort of mirror) the site :slight_smile: