FIRSTsearch improvements for 2006

Just so you all know, I have now upgraded FIRSTsearch for the new season.
Now it will allow searches of team data, and I have moved everything into an MySQL database, so all searches will be a little faster.
But I have removed the awards by regional and year… for now… I will be adding them soon enough.
The data I used for the team data was retrieved thanks to Pat Cloke’s Team Search ( located at ), but I have moved all of his data from the [array file] he had made into a MySQL database for quicker access, and made it in a one line search query format.
I have also added in year searching for the different years rules/Q&As…
Here is how to search for different teams by the different columns:

team: “team name or number here”
name: “team number here”
robot: “robot name here”
location: “team location here”
motto: “team motto here”
website: “team website here”
awards: “award name or year or award info… listed here”
students: “#students listed here”
rookie: “rookie year here”
(you currently must enter a space between the colon and the data *)
(Also, you only need quotes if the data you are trying to find includes a space)
here are some example queries:
“team: 358”
“location: hauppauge”
“name: festo location: ny”
and so on…
“qna: 1023”
(would give you Q&A id #1023)
“rules: 3.2.1”
(would give you Rule #3.2.1)
“updates: #2
(would give you Update #2)

And although I cannot guarantee it, I also plan on having a search by near location… so you can see the closest schools to you.

The location of FIRSTsearch is still at
I hope all the new improvements help with all your scouting need, and I hope that I will be able to impove it even more by January. :D**