-- anybody want it?

Hey CD,

I bought last year through dreamhost because I had this whole idea of providing free subversion repositories through my internship’s servers… Unfortunately, my internship has been going through some tough economic times, and almost everyone I like has gotten laid off.
Due to these circumstances, I no longer have the necessary resources to create such a system. If anyone out there does, or wants to, I would be happy to point over to your servers. Then, in 4 months [when it expires], we can do the transfer.

Just an idea. If there are no takers in 4 months, I will just let it expire.

Hey Jordan,

I’m from team 2658 pedestrian, we may have something in the works for you. if you want to talk more, PM me, and I can pass you along to our IT guy.


We (964) were just discussing this during today’s meeting. I think we’d be interested in helping with this. If you’d like, PM me for nameserver info.