FIRSTTUBE - a 2013 Team Video Sharing Experience

Hey there.

My name is Salar and I am the webmaster of FIRST|Tube. This is a new service being launched for all teams around the world, to share their team videos with other FIRST teams all in one central hub. The inspiration for this site was based off of the issue initially created on the most popular and well-known FIRST forum, Chief Delphi by Pontiac Robotics, which is where this post currently being viewed. FIRST members want to see how other teams are approaching different tasks, testing out new technologies, and gain insight on how the team cooperates with FIRST and all its morals. We are creating a basis for all FIRST teams to finally come together and show each other not only what their team has been up to, but also to teach others. The site features FIRST-specific videos such as competition announcements, to individual team-based videos, to robot demos, to even free tutorials, created by teams just like yours!


Full-HD video compatible

Embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo, or upload your video on our servers

More Features

Tablet and mobile-friendly
Like Videos (for Most Liked section and My Liked Videos section)
Share Videos on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more
Search for videos using our advanced search utility
It’s 100% free. You will never be charged. Ever.

All you have to do to become part of FIRST|Tube is head on over to, and click on the Sign Up button the top right of the site. After you have signed up, you can post your own videos, like others, and view the new content that will be uploaded everyday!

Instructions on how to upload videos will be provided to you when you signup!

So head over to FIRST|Tube and become part of the first video sharing platform based solely around FIRST.

See you there.](
Added more 12 videos last night. Now with a script on board, FIRSTTUBE will feature more than 300 videos by the end of the week!

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