FIRSTWiki: Emergency Status Check

Dear Community,

As you may or may not know, there once was a wiki set up for our little project we like to call FIRST. However, from what I can tell, a hosting payment expired, and there is no FIRSTWiki any more. I’m pretty sure it was hosted here:

But this site ( is similarly blank.

I originally posted my concern about the lack of information on the wiki here:

I think that this site has the potential to be a valuable resource for FIRSTers everywhere. What can we do about getting it up and running? I created log-in to the site, but I’m unsure as to how to go about renewing someone else’s subscription.

Anyway, sorry I’m writing this in haste since I have to catch the bus. Does anyone know the person who originally payed for the hosting? I’d be willing to take up the slack for a few months at least.

Any thoughts? Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Paul Dennis

This was kind of addressed here:

If I understand what you are asking correctly.

Also here:


When did this happen? I use this site( often and could’ve sworn it was up a few days ago. Anybody know?

And i agree, this is a very valuable resource for all firsters and non-firsters.

EDIT: oh, 5/29/07, thanks.

check out the two links posted above.

Thanks, Jacob. Didn’t know this had been addressed so quickly so I didn’t think to search I guess. Silly Paul.