Fisher Price Gearbox Question

I am looking to drive a beater bar with a Fisher Price 9013 motor (the one that came in the KOP). Optimally, I would like to gear it down to around 1000-2000 rpms, or a 10-16:1 gear ratio. Is there any gearbox that could get me close to this ratio? Unfortunately, the AM Planetary gearbox from AndyMark is only 3.67:1…

Thanks for the help.

Banebots will fix you up with what you need but the wait will be agonizing.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Would the AM Planetary Gearbox fit with the Fisher Price 9013 motor?

Were looking to do something like this

I took apart one of the fisherprice gearboxes from a previous year(has a white output on it, not the orange like this year) and are planning on using the 13 tooth gear on the motor and the 72 tooth first stage gear. Should be a 5.5:1 ratio. not quite as slow as your looking for as i think it will still be around 2k to 3k in speed but then you could slow it down from there with a speed controller.

this is what were hoping to do this year so if anyone thinks that this wont work or there is a better way please let us know as were hoping to machine the plates on Thursday. Also let me know if my numbers are off on the tooth counts or anything.

We are planning to do something similar for our harvester, but we plan to use two of the white gears from the first stage of the older FP transmissions. We will make a two stage gearbox, similar to our shooter gearbox.

We better get to work on this soon!

You could also use the AM Planetary and do the rest of the reduction by a set of roller chain or timing belt sprockets from the gearbox output to the roller. With a 12t sprocket on the AMP gearbox output and a 40t sprocket on your intake roller, you could achieve an overall ratio of 12.23:1.