Fisher-Price Gearbox?

Does anyone know (have or can tell me where to find) the specs on the fisher-price motor GEARBOX. We need to know the EXACT placement of the screw holes that hold the gearbox together.

                      Any help would be grately appreciated

i was gonna make a new thread, but i’ll just post here…

is it alright to alter the fisher proce gearbox. Reason being is we need a light motor like the fisher price. But, it runs to slow for with the gearbox and too fast without it. Could we alter the box to our liking?

As far as the placement of the screw holes, you should be able to get them from one of the models at

As far as modifying the Fisher price gearbox, that is allowed. You aren’t allowed to modify the motors themselves, but non-integral gearboxes are OK. See the thread in which a team took one of the stages out of the drill gearbox.

yep, i spent the entire day lathing a piece for a specific gear then sawing/sanding the gearbox down to fit only the gears I needed… warning- be careful if you test the gears with a battery… the fisher price is pretty darn fast, we toned it down to 600 rpm for a certain mechanism but upon testing it with a battery this mechanism flew out and hit our 12+ foot high ceiling :stuck_out_tongue:

No reason to know the specs when you can build your own =)

Two Fisher-Price moters to power that guy. That’s our wintch gear box and its able to lift over 260 pounds so if some one gets on top of us we both go up =)