Fisher Price motor pinion availablility

Hi, we can get a 2011 FP motor from AM but they don’t have the pinion for the FP gearbox. Does anybody know where we can get either a 2011 FP motor with the proper pinion for this years FP gearbox or just the pinion so I can press it on an AM FP motor so I can have a spare available?

I wonder if it’s the same tooth count as any previous year’s FP motor (which came with a pinion) in which case you could just press it off that one, and onto the new one. If I recall though, they’re a little difficult to press off.

I have 1 that we pressed off. PM me an address and I’ll drop it in mail.

The pinion on the -0673 Fisher Price motor is a 32 DP, 19 tooth gear.

We are also in need of a source for this pinion gear. Anyone know where to locate it?

It seems ridiculous that AM sells last year’s motor with the pinion gear (that we can’t use) for the same price as this year’s motor without the pinion gear. Why would they not also sell the 19 tooth pinion gear?

Rather than buying last year’s motor and this year’s motor, pressing off then pressing on there has to be a better way.

It’s probably because the vast majority of teams aren’t using the FP transmission and are rather using AM planetaries, or custom gearboxes which cannot use the stock gear.

You could try sourcing the motors from a fisher price power wheels service center. There are a few online and listed in CD if you poke around a bit.

Alternatively, you apparently have the means to press the pinion on, so why not just swap the pinion from the motor you take off onto the new motor you are putting in?