Fisher Price Motor

Does anyone have a inventor part file of a Fisher Price motor? I’ve looked on FIRSTCAD and cannot seem to find it. HELP!!!:yikes:

third one down on the left

I’m looking for a inventor file complete with the gear box. My students are making a “show bot” for the elementry schools. We’re hoping to put on this bot different type’s of devices to excite the kids in science and technology. We have going on it a device that will blow up ballons, a web cam and t-shirt cannon. This bot is going to be inclosed with metalic orange lexan. Should be cool when done.

well then

go to the 6th part down in the 3rd column from the left and just mate the motor to the gearbox in your local version of inventor. If you need help doing this just let me know and I will do it.

I just did it anyway…all you need to do is import the .step file to inventor and you should be all set. (200 KB) (200 KB)

Thank you. I’ll post the pic of our “show bot” some time next week. It’s starting to take shape. We’re coming up with gadges to put on it. We’re looking for the “wow” effect.:eek: